Getting Involved

Parent involvement is critical to the success of students in school.  Getting involved in your child's school will show your child that you think school is important.  Below are some ways to get involved.

  • When school begins, contact your child's teacher to introduce yourself.
  • Attend the opening day of school activities, for example, an open house or family night.
  • Join the PTA or PTO.
  • Attend activities in which your child participates -- field trips, school performances, student exhibits, etc.
  • Encourage your child's teacher to contact you regularly about your child's academic progress.
  • If the teacher doesn't contact you, contact the teacher periodically, to see how things are going.  This will remind the teacher how much you value your child's education.
  • Be active in your child's school.  Let your child's teacher and principal know that you want to be involved and offer to serve as a resource for your unique knowledge or experiences.

Students whose families are involved in school will be more successful. Some of the benefits of parental involvment include:

  • Student achievement increases regardless of the parent's own education, economic, or ethnic/racial background;
  • Student attitudes are more positive;
  • Negative student behavior decreases;
  • Graduation rates are higher;
  • Students have higher grades, better attendance, and complete homework more often;
  • Teachers become more enthusiastic;
  • Teachers have higher expectations for students.