The Jefferson County School District's Athletic Department provides a comprehensive Mississippi High School Athletics Association affiliated interscholastic athletic program to meet the needs and interests of students in grades seven through twelve. These programs supplement our basic physical education classes. The programs foster the spirit of competition in athletic activities and provides leisure-time outlets in recreational sports. 

The interscholastic programs of our district are an integral part of our educational philosophy. The goal of our total physical activities program is to provide students with the best possible athletic opportunities commensurate with the skills, interests, and abilities of each participant.

The safety of participants in the interscholastic programs is a prime concern. Activities are conducted in the safest possible environment, with highly reliable equipment, and under the guidance of qualified supervisors, instructors and coaches.


Mr. Delvin Thompson

Athletic Coordinator/Basketball Head Coach


Mr. James  Herrington
Football Head Coach

Mrs. Flora   McKnight
Girls Basketball Head Coach

Mr. Benta   Thomas
Cross Country Track Coach

Mrs. Tangela  Watson 
Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach

Mr. Stacy  Murphy
Jr. High Football Coach/ High School Baseball