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JCSD is the proud home of students and educators. We educate over 1,500 pre-k through 12th grade students.  The Jefferson County Public School District is located in Jefferson County, Mississippi . This district is composed of an elementary school, an upper elementary school, a junior high school and a high school.  The district office is located on South Main Street of Fayette, the Central Office houses the majority of district administrative offices. The current building was named after the first African American School Board Member, Mr. Robert L. Williams. Also, in addition we have a Vocational Technical Center about 5 minutes from the campus. There we offer courses such as Residential Carpentry, Welding, Electrician, Computer Business, Allied Health, and Design and Merchandise. 

Our purpose is to prepare our students to become literate, creative, self-confident, responsible citizens and life long learners.  As they grow, they will be well prepared to meet challenges of adulthood, possessing the skills necessary to live happy and successful lives.



The Jefferson County School District will develop a school climate conducive to both teaching and learning for all stakeholders.


The Jefferson County School District will provide an educational climate where all students have an opportunity to achieve success in a global society.

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