Delories Turner


We are excited to announce that our Employee of the Month for November is Ms. Delories Turner, Food Services/Child Nutrition Director, for the Jefferson County School District.  Delories Turner, Food Services/Child Nutrition Director (2009-present), is a 1972 graduate of Jefferson High School.  Her varied professional work experience began as Secretary at her Alma Mater, Alcorn State University (B.S., 1976), for twelve (12) years.  This position afforded many opportunities to further her education.  She received master’s degrees in Elementary Education, Health and Physical Education, and Athletic Administration during that span.

She tapped into her vast of knowledge and training to further her career.  Ms. Turner has served as Office Manager (MEHH), Educational/Computer Specialist (Alcorn National Youth Sports Program), Even Start Director (Family Literacy Program), Computer Instructor (Adult Education), GED Instructor, and Elementary and Gifted teacher – Wilkinson County (3 years); Claiborne County (13 years); and Jefferson County (6 years).

Ms. Turner is a team player who believes that TEAMWORK is so important in the Jefferson County School District becoming successful – a winner – or a champion.  Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” She states that “teamwork is important, and it allows us to exchange ideas, work on assignments, communicate effectively, and follow through with goals that need to be established in order to receive the desired outcome.”

Her role as Food Services/Child Nutrition Director is to provide healthy and tasty meals for the students of Jefferson County.  Understanding that a hungry child cannot learn, her objective is to provide school food services consistent with the nutritional needs of students that contribute to the student’s educational experiences.  TEAMWORK = Custodians + Instructional Staff + Administrative Staff directing students to the cafeteria and encouraging them to participate in the Free Breakfast and Lunch program daily.  She served as Region IV Director 2015-17 for the Mississippi School Nutrition Association and Steering Committee Member 2018-19.

Ms. Turner is committed to improving children's nutritional needs to ensure that they have a positive educational experience. She fully embraces our theme of “Inspiring Excellence and Promoting Success”.

Please join us in celebrating this exceptional leader!  She will be recognized at our next school board meeting.