Jefferson County Elementary School Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Spring 2022 Assessment results exceed the state average

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For Immediate Release: July 24, 2022

Jefferson County Elementary School Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Spring 2022 Assessment results exceed the state average 
FAYETTE, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) recently released the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Update for the 2021-22 school year, which showed that the Jefferson County Elementary School pre-K and kindergarten students' scores exceeded the state average.
According to the report, the scale score average for Jefferson County  Elementary School pre-K classes was 552 compared to the state average of 540.  The data also revealed that the scale score average for the kindergarten classes was 691 compared to the state average of 686.
"Despite the many challenges from the global pandemic, our students outperformed many of their peers throughout the state," said Dr. Adrian Hammitte, superintendent of education.  "The results are a testament to our teachers and students' hard work and dedication.  I commend Principal Shameka Woods for her incredible leadership and commitment to accelerating student learning.  We will use the data to drive instruction this fall."   
The report noted, "The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment provides parents, teachers, and early childhood providers with a common understanding of what children know and are able to do upon entering school.  Teachers use the results as an instructional baseline to tailor classroom instruction and other services for pre-K and kindergarten students.  The assessment also measures how well pre-K programs prepare 4-year-old children to be ready for kindergarten."